Nothing, it’s free! We do not charge anything to give you an estimate.

Most support sessions take about an hour to an hour and a half. The session may be much shorter or longer depending on the number and severity of issues. In some cases when a computer is heavily infected with viruses and/or spyware, work may need to continue by doing an in-home or in-office on-site visit by one of our certified technical experts.

We have 30 days warranty on labor and 90 day warranty on parts. If you purchased a custom built computer from us then it has one year warranty. All name brand PC’s are one year from the manufacturers.

We offer laptop and desktop computer repairs. Services include: software installation, setup and configuration of antivirus, data recovery, virus scanning, etc.

Our prices are competitive with companies offering the same products and services. Lower priced systems and services are available from other companies, but too often they deliver irregular service, quality and reliability. Our certifications guarantee fast repairs at a slightly higher cost than the popular vendors, but overall the result is often a lower cost and reduced downtime.

United PC Support

Typically replies within 30min